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We are open to any suggestions and ideas you might have.

  • If You are an artist, you can inform us about your music and provide us with your tracks, so that we may include them in the playlist.
  • If you are a DJ and you provide mixes, please write us about that. It would be great if you could mix some special kind of music, which goes beyond the standards.
  • If you are our listener, please share your music brainstorm with us. Let us know about the music from your country or the tracks you’d like to hear on MoozFM. Upload your music here if you desire!
  • …and of course, You can let us know if there’s any track you do not like. Your suggestions are very-very appreciated. Write us NOW!

*Please, refer to our sound choice and consider suggesting tracks from Jazz,Country,Oldies,Acoustic,Folk,World,Blues,Adult Contemporary,Lounge panorama. Hard rock/metal/hiphop/commercial disco and typical top-40 genres will be hardly accepted.

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Acceptable file types: mp3, wav.
Maximum file size: 8mb.

!! Your e-mail will be kept and used just to reply to You or to get in touch with You in the future regarding your requests/suggestions…
It will be never sold or given to someone else for any kind of use. You may everytime request to remove your e-mail from our database. No Spam !!