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Rici’s Corner – Season 2

Season 2, since november 2012:

  • 30th Nov. 2012 – St. Andrew’s Day. The 30th of november is the national day of Scotland: Saint Andrew’s day. It is celebrated with festivals, events, and family gatherings from Shetland off the far north coast to Hadrian’s wall down along the borders. We’re gonna discover who was Saint Andrew and how did he become the patron saint of Scotland, the origin of St. Andrew’s Cross and other legends related to Scotland’s patron saint.

  • 7th Dec. 2012 – Album of the month: Celtic Woman – Home for Christmas. A special appointment dedicated to the latest Christmas release by Celtic Woman: “Home for Christmas”. In this album, Celtic Woman succeeded in presenting classical Christmasmas carols in a personal involving way, with that style that is peculiar to them and made them known worldwide and recognizable since the first note.

  • 14th Dec. 2012 – Dancing on dangerous ground: the love story of Diarmuid and Grania. Riverdance veterans Jean Butler and Colin Dunne served as stars, producers and choreographers of the Irish-flavored dance adaptation of the ancient Celtic tale “The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne”, from the Fianna myth cycle: “Dancing on dangerous ground”. The story concerns the clandestine romance between Grania, the wife of Royal Irish Army commander Finn McCool, and Diarmuid, McCool’s finest and most trusted warrior.

  • 21st Dec. 2012 – Deirdre Shannon. Her ability to ‘cross-over’ diverse singing styles has made Deirdre comfortable performing and recording with a wide range of artists, such as The Chieftains, Michael Crawford, Elvis Costello, Air Supply. She has toured with a variety of Celtic music groups, such as Anúna, the Celtic Tenors, Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman. In 1997, she was selected by Michael Flatley to join his world wide tour with the show “Lord of the Dance”.

  • 4th Jan. 2012 – Album of the month: “Brave” soundtrack. The 2012 movie “Brave” harnesses the magic of ancient Scotland, weaving the rich natural setting throughout the story and bringing it to life with sophisticated filmmaking and extraordinary performances. But it’s the music that ties it all together, elevating its authenticity. The soundtrack is composed by Patrick Doyle but also features two original songs performed by Scottish Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis and an original song performed by UK singing sensation Birdy with British folk rock band Mumford & Sons.

  • 11th Jan. 2013 – Celtic Connections. Celtic Connections is not only a celtic music festival that takes place in Glasgow every year, but Glasgow’s annual folk, roots and world music festival, that features over 3hundreds events across multiple genres of music, which first of all celebrates Celtic music and its connections to cultures across the globe. From 17th January to 3rd February 2013, 2100 musicians from around the world will descend on Glasgow for 18 days of concerts, ceilidhs, talks, art exhibitions, workshops, and free events.

  • 18th Jan. 2013 – De Dannan. De Dannan are one of the most famous traditional Irish groups, once described as ‘the Rolling Stones of Irish Traditional Music’. Their often-changing membership has spun off solo careers for singers Maura O’ Connell, Mary Black and Dolores Keane and has included such luminaries as Andy Irvine, Johnny Moynihan, Frankie Gavin. They are regarded by many as one of the great Irish folk groups of recent years, along with the likes of Planxty and the Bothy Band.

  • 25th Jan. 2013 – Ancient celtic classics. There are celtic tunes that are famous worldwide and whose origins dates back into legend, largely reinterpreted by musicians of all nations: in this episode we’re gonna deepen the most known of them and discover recordings from all the world.

  • 1st Feb. 2013 – Album of the month: “Faileasan” by Joy Dunlop. Released on 14th January 2013, “Faileasan” (which means Reflections) is the follow up to Joy Dunlop’s debut album “Dùsgadh” (Awakening). This album is the result of a personal project to explore and showcase the unique beauty and intricate depths of the local Gaelic song tradition that Joy inherited growing up in rural Argyll. To create Joy’s personal reflection of Argyll’s cultural heritage, she worked with an array of Argyll’s most famous exports, including Donald Shaw, Aidan O’ Rourke, Karen Matheson, James MacIntosh, Lorne MacDougall, Sorren Maclean, Rona Wilkie and her brother Andrew. Everything from the songs to the musicians, the photographers, studios and designers were all sourced from Argyl.

  • 8th Feb. 2013 – Old Blind Dogs. Old Blind Dogs is a Scottish musical group which plays traditional Scottish folk music and Celtic music, with influences from rock, reggae, jazz, blues and Middle Eastern music rhythms. Since forming in the early 1990’s, Old Blind Dogs have stood on the cutting edge of Scotlands roots revival. The band has developed its own trademark style with an energetic mix of songs and tunes. Dynamic percussion, polished vocals, soaring fiddle and stirring pipes fuel the delicately-phrased melodies and traditional songs.