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You can find a variety of possibilities to connect to our stream and enjoy the mix.

On the right you can select the appropriate player for the bitrate you prefer. We recommend 192Kbps for a cristal clear and perfect audio.

If you need to spare your bandwidth or you have a slow internet connection speed, please use a 64kbps or 32kbps streaming options.

If you connect from a mobile device (Android/Apple/WindowsPhone…)
we highly recommend to use the AAC+ version which you can find HERE
Just click and listen using your preferred application or player on your device.

For those of you addicted to AAC+ codec, we have even a special AAC+ 128Kbps stream here.

TIP: keep an eye at the top of the page to see what is playing right now ;)




Follow and listen to Mooz FM on every device you desire
via Tune-in service 



official .m3u links for your player! 

32kbps (mp3)
64kbps (mp3)
128kbps (mp3)
192kbps (mp3)

64kbps (aac)
128kbps (aac)

Mooz FM needs your support to continue and grow further.
Please, consider a donation to maintain the radio. THANK YOU!

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You might prefer listen with iTunes?

Great, find Mooz FM under International/World category in iTunes’ internet radio section!

We are actively using Shoutcast tecnology to broadcast and reach You.

You can always find Mooz FM in the Shoutcast Directory as well!